Caribbean Cooking Classes & PopUps

Calypso Kitchen offers hands on Caribbean Cooking Classes. Each recipe is demonstrated and you are encouraged to actively participate in each step of the cooking process during the class. Detailed information on recipes are shared along with important traditional methods and tips to ensure a delicious outcome to the recipes. Learn a bit about the Caribbean through food, it’s diverse ethnicity and culture and it’s influence on how and what is eaten throughout the Caribbean. Most importantly, learn how you can use what is fresh and local wherever you live to create Caribbean flavors. Experience using simple ingredients to cook recipes such as fresh spice blends, sauces, pepper sauces/hot sauces, chows, chutneys, salsas, marinades/green seasonings that are all the basis of creating fantastic Caribbean flavors in your cooking.

Due to the current pandemic, we are not able to offer in person classes just yet. Below is some samples of classes we offer and look forward to seeing you when its safe to do so again!

Caribbean Flavors in the Pacific Northwest

To register for a class please call Sarah @ 347 413 3983 or email [email protected]


Hibiscus Sangria
Calypso Coconut Ponche de Creme


Bacalau Salad with Avocado Slices
Trinidad Fry Bake/Bread


Coconut Curry Lamb
Trinidad Buss Up Shut/Paratha

Calypso Kitchen Fire Roasted Eggplant & Tomato Choka Mix

Garlic & Herb Roasted Seasonal Vegetables

Calypso Kitchen Caribbean Cooking

Caribbean Soups, Stews & Curries

Cost $80

To register for this class please call Sarah @ 347 413 3983 or email [email protected]


Sorrel Ginger Sangria

Calypso Kitchen Ponche de Creme


Bacalau (Salted Cod) Stew with Tomatoes & Peppers

Coconut Bread 


Trinidad Callaloo Soup

Stewed Ox Tails

Trinidad Corn Soup with Cassava & Dumplings





Caribbean Breads

Caribbean Stews & Soups

Cost $65

To register for a class please call Sarah @ 347 413 3983 or email [email protected]


Sorrel Ginger Fizz

Passionfruit  Pineapple Punch


Trinidad Corn Soup with Coconut Dumplings

Bacalau & Tomato Stew

Trinidad Fry Bake


Ox Tail Stew

Trinidad Callalo 

Garlic & Herb Yucca/Cassava




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