Caribbean Cooking Classes 

Calypso Kitchen offers hands on Caribbean Cooking Classes. Each recipe is demonstrated and you are encouraged to actively participate in each step of the cooking process during the class. Detailed information on recipes are shared along with important traditional methods and tips to ensure a delicious outcome to the recipes. Learn a bit about the Caribbean through food, it’s diverse ethnicity and culture and it’s influence on how and what is eaten throughout the Caribbean. Most importantly, learn how you can use what is fresh and local wherever you live to create Caribbean flavors. Experience using simple ingredients to cook recipes such as fresh spice blends, sauces, pepper sauces/hot sauces, chows, chutneys, salsas, marinades/green seasonings that are all the basis of creating fantastic Caribbean flavors in your cooking.


Team Building Classes

Cook, Eat, Drink & Bond. Bring your team together with a fun and interactive cooking class. A class can be as simple as one or two menu items or a menu complete with drinks, appetizers and main course. Tell us about your team, select your menu that suits the occasion, and let’s get started! Your event is fully customizable.

We also offer unique food experinces, you and your team can bond through your the shared activity of experiencing new foods, no cooking, just lots of eating.

We can host at our commercial kitchen location here in Bellingham, WA., come to a location or host an online class. Call Sarah at 347 413 3983 or email at [email protected]

Group Classes


Slice, Dice, Cook and Eat your way through an amazing Calypso Kitchen Cooking Class experience, turn your girls night out, guys hangout, family or friends hangout into a culinary experience. Select a menu that suits the occasion and let’s get cooking.


Individual & Couples Classes


This intimate size class will allow you to enjoy the Calypso Kitchen culinary experience whether you’re a novice, intermediary or seasoned cook. Enjoy this experience yourself or share it as a gift.

Personal Chef Services

  • Meal Preparation.
  • Small Dinner Parties.
  • Customized Menu Planning.




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