Mango Chow


16 oz. container



Trinidad Mango Chow! Spice up your fruit! I’ve been making mango chow since my hands could hold a knife to peel mangoes, and probably eating the spicy delight long before I could say the words. Growing up in the Caribbean there was always an availability of abundant tropical fruits. Mangoes came in a variety of shapes, colors, flavours and textures and I was fortunate enough to grow up never knowing a shortage of this lovely fruit. Mango Chow seemed liked a right of passage for us as littles. Among my siblings, cousins & friends from the neighborhood there was always friendly rivalry as to who could make the “hottest” (spiciest) chow and the more revered title of who could eat the “hottest” chow. I’m fairly sure I’ve earned both titles at some point in my younger life. Chows weren’t restricted to mangoes, we had our pick of abundant tropical fruits to choose from (pineapple, papaya, chenette, green plum, red plum, sour cherry, pommerac, carambola, shaddock pommecythere, cashew, guava etc.), quite often a chow ended up being a medley of fruits. As any Trinbagonian will tell you, we make do when we’re not home, luckily the Pacific Northwest (home) has been forgiving to my tropical taste buds, ingredients are fairly readily available.