Hello folks,

My name is Sarah.


I am a Caribbean native currently residing in the Pacific Northwest. I have called Whatcom County, Washington state home for the past decade and the USA, home since March of 2006. I am extremely proud of my Caribbean heritage, I love sharing my Caribbean experience through food and storytelling. Much of my childhood was spent with my maternal grandmother watching her prepare meals for family & friends, she was a most excellent lady and an incredible cook. I can sincerely say that my Grammy has been my biggest influence and inspiration towards the creation of Calypso Kitchen.

It is my goal through Calypso Kitchen to show you how you can create Caribbean flavors using fresh local ingredients wherever you live. At Calypso Kitchen I share the flavors of the Caribbean through Caribbean Cooking Classes, Catering Services and Collaborations with local Chefs  & Businesses. Calypso Kitchen also offers a range of authentic traditional sauces and spices and hot foods/meals that are available at our local Bellingham Farmers Market or for in store pick up. 

I am mom to four beautiful daughters that share my enthusiasm for fantastic delicious food, most people who enjoy food describe themselves as foodies, my daughters and I agree that a more apt description for us would be “adventurous discerning eaters”, we definitely know what we like, we try most foods at least once and we’re always moving onto our next food adventure.

When I’m not spending time in the kitchen or with my daughters, I am actively perusing ways that I can help make the community I live in a better place for everyone. I am a passionate advocate for everyone having access to food security and because of my personal experiences with domestic violence & human trafficking I am committed to bringing awareness to these issues and finding ways to eradicate it. I currently serve as a board member of the Whatcom Dispute Resolution Center.