Hello folks,

My name is Sarah.


Lots of folks think my name is actually “Calypso”, so much so I think I need to rename myself. The reality is, I am a Caribbean native, from the islands of Trinidad & Tobago that will take every opportunity to claim my heritage. Calypso music originated in Trinidad & Tobago somewhere around the mid 19th century and continues to be an integral part of our everyday life and culture, more so around Carnival. I am extremely proud of my Caribbean heritage and I love sharing my Caribbean experience through food and storytelling. Much of my childhood was spent with my maternal grandmother watching her prepare meals for family & friends. My grandmother was a wonderful person and an excellent cook, she has been my biggest influence and inspiration towards the creation of Calypso Kitchen. 

As a conscientious social entrepreneur I have used the skills and resources I have available to me to create a business/brand that allows me to work at doing some of the things I love, cooking, eating, teaching, networking/socializing (yes!! networking/socializing is hard work folks).  A huge part of nurturing and growing Calypso Kitchen has been the flexibility that I have been able to allow myself to have so that I could be the best mom possible to my four daughters. 

Home is currently Whatcom County, WA. State. I feel blessed to live here for many reasons, top among those being this place is beautiful beyond belief. I am so happy to be living in a community where people value real food and every step that food has to make before it gets unto a plate. I grew up around agriculture and entrepreneurship and Whatcom County is thriving with both so in that aspect it truly feels like home.

It is my goal through Calypso Kitchen to show you how you can create Caribbean flavors using fresh local ingredients wherever you live. At Calypso Kitchen I share the flavors of the Caribbean through Caribbean Cooking Classes, Catering Services and Collaborations with local Chefs  & Businesses. Calypso Kitchen also offers a range of authentic traditional sauces and spices and hot foods/meals that are available at our local Bellingham Farmers Market or for in store pick up (please call us to arrange delivery or pick up).