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Calypso Kitchen founder and owner, Sarah Chan

Sustainable Connections Meet Calypso Kitchen

Sarah Chan, owner and chef at Calypso Kitchen, knows how food can tell a story. And the food that comes out of her kitchen tells one rich with flavor, commitment to local farms, and deep compassion. Originally from Trinidad and Tobago, Sarah is passionate about sharing the cultural and culinary legacies from the Caribbean – and also celebrating the abundance of the Pacific Northwest she now calls home.  Click to read the full Sustainable Connections article…

Sarah Chan, founder and owner of Calypso Kitchen in Bellingham, Washington

Calypso Kitchen Brings Caribbean Flavors to Bellingham

Chef Sarah Chan was born on the island of Trinidad and Tobago into a family with Indian, Chinese, and Portuguese heritage. Growing up there, she regularly watched her grandmother cook incredible meals. “Whatever she was doing in the kitchen, I was always at her side, just watching what she was doing,” Chan says. Click to read the full Bellingham Alive article…

Sarah Chan, founder and owner of Calypso Kitchen in Bellingham Washington

Whatcom Women—Sarah Chan of Calypso Kitchen

When you enter Sarah Chan’s home in Birch Bay, your nostrils are gingerly awakened to curry, cardamom, thyme and culantro. With a mug of golden milk (a rich antioxidant blend of turmeric, coconut milk, ginger, black pepper and cardamom) in hand, I sat down with my friend to talk about how her Caribbean catering and product line began. Click to read the full Whatcom Talk article…

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