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Sarah of Calypso Kitchen


Hello folks, My name is Sarah, I am mom to four gorgeous girls, and an avid social entrepreneur. I was born & grew up in the Caribbean, on the twin islands of Trinidad & Tobago. I am the creative mind & hands behind Calypso Kitchen where it is my goal to create, recreate, document, teach & share the recipes & culture I effortlessly absorbed watching my Grammy navigate life while feeding and nurturing families, friends, neighbors & villages as is often customary back on the islands. Through Calypso Kitchen, I hope to keep alive traditional Caribbean recipes, while at times re invent and adapting recipes, using the bountiful local harvest of my current home,  the Pacific Northwest.


Calypso Kitchen, provides a wide range of offerings, that includes Caribbean Cooking Classes, Pop Ups, Catering Services, Personal Chef Services, Individual Meals. We also produce a range of fresh Caribbean Sauces, Spices.


Check out our authentic Caribbean Recipes to try at home.

“Mother in Law”

"Mother in Law". EatTheRainbow. If you ❤️ 🌶, then you will ❤️ this Trini condiment "Mother in Law". Yes! We 🇹🇹 really like having fun with words, hence the playful name for this condiment. The combination of fresh ingredients turns out to be super flavourful & spicy....

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Hibiscus – Trinidad Sorrel

Growing up in the islands (Caribbean) this drink was "Sorrel". Here in the 🇺🇸 other names for Sorrel are Hibiscus, Roselle & Jamaica. In 🇹🇹 the drink is popular during the Christmas season, but almost equally as popular as a beach drink or a hangout drink, mixed with...

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“Drunken Eggs”

"Drunken Eggs". It's the weekend folks & this easy to make dish is a winner @ breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner 😋. As a kid, this was my dad's breakfast of choice to make for his family on weekends. He would poach the eggs in the tomato sauce long enough so the yolks...

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