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We are now offering  HEAT & EAT  MEALS. You can order by calling/texting us at (347) 413-3983 or emailing us at [email protected]





Pre Order by Sunday Midnight for the Pick Up/Delivery on Tuesday


Herb Roasted Jerk Spiced Chicken/Tofu, Black Bean & Rice & Roasted Vegetables seasoned with Trinidad Curry ($40 for a 4 person meal, gf. df.)

Farmer’s Market Favorites/Make Your Meal

Calypso Kitchen Fire Roasted Tomato Choka ($10 gf.df.v)

Calypso Kitchen Fire Roasted Eggplant Choka ($10 gf.df.v.)

Calypso Kitchen Mango Chutney ($10 gf.df.v) 

Calypso Kitchen Tamarind Sauce ($16 gf.df.v)

Calypso Kitchen Blueberry Tamarind Sauce ($16 gf.df.v.)

Calypso Kitchen Hibiscus/Sorrel  Concentrate ($16 gf.df.v.)

Calypso Kitchen Spicy Peppersauce ($10 gf.df.v.)

Savory Fruit Chow ($10 gf.df.v) 

Paratha Roti/ Naan (not this week) ($5 gf.df.v)

Golden Turmeric Milk Drink ($15 @ 32oz gf.df.v.)

Ginger Shots ($12 @ 16oz gf. df.v.)


Lentil & Butternut Soup ($12 @ 16oz) (gf.df.v.)

Dahl Soup with Spinach & Roasted Cumin ($12 @ 16oz) (gf.df.v.)


Gift Certificates

 $25 – $200

 Please use our website to order or call/text in orders to Sarah @ 347 413 3983 or             email  [email protected] 

Authentic Caribbean Food,using Fresh Local Ingredients.

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Sarah of Calypso Kitchen

I am a Caribbean-Native currently living in the Pacific Northwest. I have called Whatcom County in WA State home for the past decade. As a proud Caribbean, I love sharing my Caribbean experience through food and storytelling. Much of my childhood was spent with my maternal grandmother watching her prepare meals for family & friends, she was an excellent lady and an incredible cook. I can sincerely say that my Grammy has been my biggest influence and inspiration towards the creation of Calypso Kitchen.

It is my goal through Calypso Kitchen to show you how you can create Caribbean flavors using fresh local ingredients wherever you live. At Calypso Kitchen I share the flavors of the Caribbean through Caribbean Cooking Classes, Catering Services and Collaborations with local Chefs  & Businesses. Calypso Kitchen also offers a range of authentic traditional sauces and spices and hot foods/meals that are available at our local Bellingham Farmers Market or for in store pick up. 


Check out our authentic Caribbean Recipes to try at home.

Curry Crab & Dumplings

Curry Crab & Dumplings

Coconut Curry Crab (Dungeness). This folks, is one of my all time favorite dishes, and with good reason. Growing up in 🇹🇹, the vast majority of times I ate crabs they were fresh caught. Fresh caught mangrove crabs have enormous flavor. Curry Crabs & Dumplings are...

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Fried Chicken

Fried Chicken

Fried Chicken! I woke up to a gorgeous morning in the#upperleftusa and immediately my thoughts went to two things, great day for a Hike and, Fried Chicken . As of now I’m winning, I’ve got the Fried Chicken done and I’m off to conquer a bit of our fantastically...

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Bacalao Salad

Bacalao Salad

Buljol / Bacalao Salad Do you ever make a recipe and after tasting it think about all they ways you can make it different to either to improve it or to change it up a bit? Well, that’s how I think every single time I make a recipe, even when it’s a recipe I’ve...

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