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Classic Calypso Catering Menus

Service Style


Buffet Style 

A buffet-style wedding service offers a diverse and elegant dining experience for guests. With a wide variety of food options, it allows guests to choose their own dishes, creating a more relaxed ambiance. This service is popular for its variety, flexibility, and impressive display, making it a great choice for couples looking to offer a unique dining experience at their wedding.


Family Style 

Family-style catering for a wedding service involves guests remaining seated while servers bring platters of food to the tables. Each table shares the entrees and sides, which are placed in the middle for guests to help themselves, creating a communal dining experience. This style combines the best aspects of a plated meal and a buffet, offering a more intimate and interactive dining experience. However, it may require more space on the tables and limit table decor. Family-style catering is a popular choice for couples looking to create a warm and communal atmosphere during their wedding reception

Customized menu options available. Do you have a specific item you would like on your menu and you don’t see it on our list? Please ask and we will do our best to accommodate your food preferences, allergies and food intolerances. Thanks.

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