Main Course
Herb Roasted Chicken (GF)
Herb Roasted Cornish Hens (GF)
Herb Roasted Jerk Spiced Tofu Bites
Roasted Chicken with a Green Seasoning Sauce (GF)
Roasted Cornish Hens with a Green Seasoning Sauce (GF)
Jerk Spiced Roasted Chicken (GF)
Jerk Spiced Pork Ribs (GF)
Jerk Spice Cornish Hens, Shrimp (GF)
Jerk Spiced Tamarind Glazed Roasted Chicken (GF) Jerk Spiced Tamarind Glazed Pork Rib (GF)
Jerk Spiced Tamarind Glazed Cornish Hens. (GF)
Jerk Spiced Blueberry Tamarind Roasted Chicken (GF)
Jerk Spiced Blueberry Tamarind Pork Ribs (GF)
Jerk Spiced Blueberry Tamarind Cornish Hens. (GF)
Coconut Curry Shrimp in a house made Tomato Sauce (GF)
Coconut Curry Chicken in a house made Tomato Sauce (GF)
Trinidad Curry Chicken Shrimp (GF)
Trinidad Curry Chicken (GF)
Trinidad Curry Goat (GF)
Trinidad Curry Beef (GF)
Trinidad Curry Pork (GF)
Geera Pork (pork braised in roasted Cumin) (GF)
Geera Chicken (chicken braised in Roasted Cumin) (GF)
Trinidad Stew Chicken Shrimp (GF)
Trinidad Stew Lamb (GF)
Trinidad Stew Beef (GF)
Trinidad Stew Pork (GF)
Calypso Kitchen Seasoned Beef Burger Patties (GF)
Jerk Spiced Herb Roasted Chicken/Shrimp (GF/DF)
Five Spice Roasted Chicken (GF/DF)
Coconut Curry Vegetables with Chickpeas (Vegetarian, GF, DF)
Seasonal Vegetable Stew or Curry (Vegetarian, GF, DF)
Five Spice Roasted Tofu Steaks (Vegetarian, GF, DF)
Jerk Spiced Herbed Tofu Steaks (Vegetarian, GF, DF)
Spiced & Herbed Seasonal Vegetable Skewers (Vegetarian, GF, DF)
Bean & Vegetable Chili (Vegetarian, GF, DF)

Grains & Potatoes
Scalloped Potatoes (GF)
Roasted Potatoes (GF)
Herbed Mashed Potatoes (GF
Curry Rice or Golden Rice (GF, DF)
Curry Peas & Vegetables & Rice (GF, DF)
Coconut Peas & Rice (GF, DF)
Vegetarian Pelau (Seasonal Vegetables) (GF, DF)
Vegetarian Paella (Seasonal Vegetables) (GF, DF)
Seafood Paella (Shrimp & Scallops) (GF, DF)
Turmeric Festival Rice. (GF, DF)
Coconut Spinach Rice (GF, DF)
Ochro Rice (GF, DF)
Warm/Cold Green Banana Salad (GF, DF)
Potato Salad (GF)
Cole Slaw (GF)
Warm/Cold Taro Root Salad (GF)
White/Brown Rice

Salads/Chows/ (savory fruit salads)/Vegetables
Garlic Roasted Squash (Vegetarian, GF, DF)
Herb Roasted Vegetables (Vegetarian, GF, DF)
Mixed Fruit Chow (Seasonal) (GF, DF)
Pineapple Chow (GF, DF)
Mango Chow (GF, DF)
Cucumber, Tomato & Red Onion Chow (GF, DF)
Chickpea & Quinoa Salad (GF, DF)
Fruit Ceviche (GF, DF)
5 Bean Spiced Salad (GF, DF)
Roasted Brussels sprouts with Butternut Squash and Apples (GF, DF)
Brussels Sprouts & Pecorino Cheese Salad (GF, DF)
Cabbage & Cilantro with Orange Champagne Vinegar Salad (GF, DF)
Seasonal Greens Salad with Vinaigrette (GF, DF)
Green Banana Salad (GF, DF)
Seasonal Green Salad with Berries & Radishes, Avocado & Vinaigrette (GF, DF)

Jalapeño Poppers (GF)
Bacon Wrapped Jalapeño BBQ Poppers (GF)
Savory Cheddar Biscuits
Buttery Bread Rolls
Fry Plantains (GF)
Fried Shrimp
Grilled Shrimp & Pineapple Bites (GF)
Beef/Chicken/Vegetable Patties
Corn Soup (with or without dumplings)
Jerk Chicken Skewers (option to have Blueberry Tamarind/Tamarind Sauce)
Jerk Shrimp Skewers (option to have Blueberry Tamarind/Tamarind Sauce)
Jerk Tofu Bites (option to have Blueberry Tamarind or Tamarind Sauce)
Jerk Spice Vegetable Skewers (option to Blueberry Tamarind or Tamarind Sauce)
Wings (Spicy, Garlic, Jerk, Tamarind, Blueberry Tamarind) (GF)
Jamaican Jerk Meatballs in BBQ Sauce (GF)
Italian Meatballs in BBQ Sauce (GF)
Roasted Tomato Choka (GF, DF)
Roasted Eggplant Choka (GF, DF)
Crispy Chickpeas (GF, DF)
Trinidad Fry Bread
Paratha Roti (naan)
Potato Naan (Roti) Bites

Trinidad Corn Soup (GF, DF)
Root Vegetables Soup (GF, DF)
Stew Chicken Soup (GF, DF)
Split Peas Soup (GF, DF)
Lentil/Red Bean/Black Eye Bean Soup (GF, DF)
Mixed Bean & Vegetable Soup (GF, DF)
Curry Beef & Vegetables Soup (GF, DF)
Trinidad Chicken & Dumpling Soup
Vegetable Soup with Root Vegetables
Chicken & Dumpling Soup


Chocolate Chip Cookies (gluten free option available)
Chocolate Brownie Cookies (gluten free option available)
Almond Sugar Cookies (gf)
Blondie Cookies (gf)
Custard Fruit Cups (chocolate & vanilla)
Pumpkin Loaf (gf)

Do you have a specific food you would like on your menu and you don’t see it on our list? Please ask and we will do our best to accommodate your food preference. Thanks

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