Buljol / Bacalao Salad
Do you ever make a recipe and after tasting it think about all they ways you can make it different to either to improve it or to change it up a bit? Well, that’s how I think every single time I make a recipe, even when it’s a recipe I’ve perfected many times over, I am constantly thinking, what could I have done differently? What ingredient can I add or take out that will improve the flavors & textures? My thinking can be viewed as both a curse & a blessing, I am my own worse critic 😜. I taught a class at the our local Food Coop on Tuesday of this week and Buljol was on the menu, the recipe was extremely well received, but l wouldn’t be doing my job as my own best/worse critic if I didn’t think I could improve on the recipe (mind you I’ve perfected this recipe ages ago, but who’s to say you can’t improve on perfection 😂). So here is my improved on perfection recipe for Buljol / Bacalao Salad.
Recipe Buljol /Bacalao Salad
4 Cups shredded Bacalao (boiled to take out the salt)
1 cup chopped Red Onions
1 cup chopped Scallions
2 cups slivered Bell Peppers (Red, Yellow, Orange)
3 cups diced Tomatoes
1/2 cup Trinidad Pimentos
2 cups chopped Cabbage
1/2 cup Olive Oil
2 tsps. Lime Juice
1 cup chopped Leaf Celery
Hot Pepper to tasteHeat the oil in a skillet. Toss all the ingredients into a dish. Pour hot oil on the ingredients in your dish and mix. Serve as is or chill in refrigerator to serve as a cold salad.