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Mango Chutney – 16oz

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Mango Chutney. Here’s a simple dish to accompany your weekend meals, as a side, salad or a snack. When my Grammy made Mango Chutney she would use green/unripe mangos, unripe mangoes are more often than not, sour. She didn’t have very far to go to source most of the ingredients for making mango chutney, a quick stroll into the backyard, and she would have access to lots of fresh Mangos, Culantro, & Bird’s Eye Chillies.

She had many ways of making her mango chutney, cooked, uncooked, sweet, semi sweet, savory and spicy mango chutneys. All her recipes were fairly simple, with basic ingredients. Green Mango, Culantro, Hot Pepper (Chilli Pepper), Garlic, Salt, Oil, Roasted Cumin, Garam Masala are all ingredients that go into making this delicious recipe. Grammy usually made mango chutney to go with phoulourie (fried seasoned chickpea dough in bite size pieces that were light & fluffy) Eggplant Fritters/Baiganee (thinly sliced eggplant, dipped in a seasoned batter, then fried). Aloo Pies (fluffy fried dough stuffed with seasoned potato filling). I have very few limits as to ways to eat Mango Chutney, I suggest you try it on hamburgers & hotdogs. It’s an excellent side with chicken, pork or seafood, it’s great as a dip with your favorite chips.

Living in the #upperleftusa can prove to be challenging at times when it comes to sourcing fresh green mangoes. (What, no green mangoes ? We’ve got lots of fresh beautiful apples, try this recipe and replace the mangoes with 🍏). I have found that I end up using mangoes that are at a firm, half ripe stage to make chutney, so don’t despair, if you can’t get green mangoes, go ahead and try half ripe mangoes. The half ripe mangoes add to the complexity of the flavours that the mango chutney offers, sweet, sour, spicy, savory.
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