Trinidad Pepper Sauce


4 oz. jar

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Calypso Kitchen’s Peppersauce is Spicy & Flavourful, but don’t take my word for it, you can try it at the Bellingham Farmers Market or stop by our store at 4072 Hannegan Rd. for a sample.
During my childhood and for as long as I can remember, my Grammy’s kitchen countertop was always adorned with jars of varying sizes and shapes filled with Peppersauce. Each of these jars consisted of Peppersauce made using different types of Caribbean hot peppers (Scotch Bonnets, 7-Pot, Bird Peppers, Chocolate 7-Pot, Caribbean Red Habanero, Cherry Peppers) & varying ingredients . She was a skilled Peppersauce maker, and from a very young age, I became a skilled Peppersauce taste tester/consumer. I love a spicy flavourful Peppersauce, and have recreated my Grammy’s Peppersauce flavours using fresh peppers, herbs & spices.

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