Trinidad Pepper Sauce


Each of these jars consisted of Peppersauce made using different types of Caribbean hot peppers (Scotch Bonnets, 7-Pot, Bird Peppers, Chocolate 7-Pot, Caribbean Red Habanero, Cherry Peppers) & varying ingredients.

Trinidad Pepper Sauce 4 oz. jar

During my childhood and for as long as I can remember, my Grammy’s kitchen countertop was always adorned with jars of varying sizes and shapes filled with Peppersauce. She was a skilled Peppersauce maker, and from a very young age, I became a skilled Peppersauce taste tester/consumer. I love a spicy flavourful Peppersauce, and have recreated my Grammy’s Peppersauce flavours using fresh peppers, herbs & spices.

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