Tamarind Sauce


16 oz. jar

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Calypso Kitchen’s Tamarind Sauce is the perfect combination of sweet & savory. Its uses are limitless, great as a dipping sauce for your favorite foods or on BBQ, Ribs, Wings, Roast & Seafood. Add a bit to your stews, soups & curries to add depth in flavors, or use as a condiment. The Sauce is made with the Tamarind fruit which grows abundantly in the tropics. During my childhood I spent long hours under Tamarind trees picking this fruit for my Grammy to make treats for us, long hours because for every one I picked for Grammy, I picked one for me to eat, I thoroughly enjoyed the combination of tart & sweet. We’re at the Bellingham Farmers Market on Saturdays – come try a sample of our Tamarind Sauce!

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