Fry Bake. Who doesn’t like fried dough? 😁 Although the name implies that there’s baking involved, there’s no baking here folks, just frying. These soft, light fried bread goes well with any meal, and after trying them you may very well become addicted to fry bake. Just like bread, there are variations on what goes into the dough, but the basics are flour, baking powder, salt, brown sugar & water. The ingredients are mixed into a fairly soft dough, allowed to rest much like bread dough, then made into dough balls & allowed to rest a second time. The dough balls are then rolled out and cut into pieces and fried in oil. There is no set shape to cut the Fry Bake pieces, you are allowed to be creative here, maybe bring out your cookie cutters. I simply cut the rolled out dough into pieces much like a pizza. Hot Fry Bake is delicious on it’s own or with butter and a bit of your favorite cheese. In 🇹🇹 Fry Bakes are paired with foods such as fried fish, buljol (salted cod/bacalao mixture with tomato & peppers & onion etc.), meat or vegetarian dishes.