“Drunken Eggs”. It’s the weekend folks & this easy to make dish is a winner @ breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner πŸ˜‹. As a kid, this was my dad’s breakfast of choice to make for his family on weekends. He would poach the eggs in the tomato sauce long enough so the yolks would hold its shape but was still runny. I like my yolks runny as well, but a bit more cooked 😁than he liked to make his yolks.

The Tomato Sauce is always made from scratch, ripe tomatoes, onions, garlic, scallions, mushroom, bell peppers, pimentos (if they’re available), hot peppers, thyme, salt, b/pepper & olive oil make up the sauce. You can add to or take away ingredients from your sauce according to likes or dislikes, you really want to make a sauce you’re going to enjoy eating πŸ€—. I like to cook my sauce until the tomatoes are well done but still a bit chunky. The eggs are cracked and added to the πŸ… sauce and poached. Eat alone or with your favorite bread, mine just happens to be πŸ‡ΉπŸ‡Ή Fry Bake