32 oz. jar



Sorrel anyone? A perfect example of “you can take the girl out of the Caribbean, but you can’t take the Caribbean out of the girl.” I may not have access to freshly harvested Sorrel/Hibiscus/Jamaica, but that’s not going to stop me from enjoying/making one of my favourite festive drinks.
Admittedly, I miss being able to walk into the backyard/garden to harvest Sorrel with my dad & sitting with my mom and Grammy helping them prepare the Sorrel for brewing (I don’t miss all the prickles, ouch!). Fortunately there are local stores here in Bellingham that have dried/dehydrated Sorrel so I can keep up with festivities the way we usually do back home, a cold glass of Sorrel, or maybe a Sorrel Shandy or if I’m really feeling festive Sorrel with a bit of Rum.